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Growth Champions is published by John Wiley & Sons and available from all good bookshops including Amazon. It provides a unique insight into how leading companies have been able to create, build and maintain growth by winning the innovation battle. Written by leading global experts drawing on research, interviews, anecdotes and examples, it sets out to help business leaders understand the key lessons that really make a difference to delivering continued revenue and margin growth.

The book has three core sections:

  1. The Growth Agenda – The need for growth, what it means and how it is changing
  2. The Growth Champions – The leaders and how they have achieved success
  3. The Growth Challenges – The issues that we all need to address and how to best to do this

Based on years of research, 20 global companies across multiple sectors have been identified as ‘Growth Champions’, each having successfully built a culture and strategy that delivers  growth and beats the competition. These companies include Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, Rolls-Royce, Procter & Gamble, Shell and Lego. While many share some common traits and ambitions, they differ in how they formulate and execute their strategies, how they engage people, how they build their growth culture, and how they develop and use distinctive competencies to keep them ahead of the pack.

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