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Assessing innovation performance accurately is a challenge that many have tried to meet. Some have attempted to look solely at one particular element of the innovation portfolio, while others have tried to gain a cross-sector view.

Written by a group of leading experts across the innovation, foresight, growth, strategy and sustainability arenas, Growth Champions presents a fresh perspective on the critical issue of sustainable growth at a time when many are struggling to improve results in a sustained, high impact manner.

Growth Champions is specifically focused on the strategic decisions and cultural dynamics of the companies that consistently win the innovation battle. It highlights the successes, the reasons for the success, and the learning that others seeking to emulate this success can therefore gain and build upon.

The Growth Champions were selected based on a decade of objective global Innovation Leaders’ analysis of which companies are the most effective innovators. They are the ones that have consistently deployed their available resources and are able to access them in the most effective manner to deliver a constant stream of high impact new products, services, and businesses that have resulted in increased revenues and profits. They are the ones that have tried new things, challenged the status quo, changed the game, pushed the boundaries, outpaced their rivals, and time and time again delivered the goods. Some of these organizations are well known in the business and consumer worlds, but some not. Few people would fail to recognize the names of the likes of Apple, Google, Nestlé, PepsiCo, and Samsung; but many outside of their immediate competitors may not be overly familiar with ARM, Inditex, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Reckitt Benckiser, and Starwood Hotels.


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