While economic growth is vitally important it is critical to deliver this in a way that does not elevate pure profit above societal or environmental value. The Growth Champions are, to varied levels, achieving their growth ambitions within this perspective. They demonstrate how growth can be much more than providing a boost to sales, margins, and the bottom line. It is about creating value for all stakeholders; economic value for the shareholders; social value for employees, their families and friends, local communities, and social networks; as well as value for ecosystems and the environment. This applies equally in developing markets where growth is steadily rising as in many developed regions where the priority is to kick-start new growth.

Although all of the profiled companies share the distinction of being Growth Champions they differ greatly in age of company, sector that they operate in, strategies and business models that they follow. But despite these differences you will see some striking similarities and gain insights that can help you to enhance the ability to develop and deliver sustainable growth for your organisation.

In this section we look at different perspectives on the nature of growth and how it is changing.

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