The Growth Agenda

Many of the authors of the Growth Champions research are part of the global Growth Agenda network

The Growth Agenda is a global network of leading-edge expertise that helps organisations identify and exploit major new growth opportunities.

We enable companies to better understand emerging changes and develop growth strategies to create and capture value from innovation. Using proven approaches that have delivered tangible, sustainable impact, we provide a unique combination of global expertise that leading organisations are engaging to help them build distinctive competence and jump ahead of their peers.

With global insights on the big challenges for the next decade, supported by leading-edge views on how growth and innovation is changing, the Growth Agenda draws together bespoke teams of experts from a wide range of organisations to help you to identify, scope and deliver major growth platforms.

We provide access to expertise and different perspectives to support the creation and growth of economic, social and natural capital, and help organisations to find ways of creating sustainable growth. Our aim is to strike a balance between short and long-term needs that also considers the sustainability, or wellbeing, of business, society and the environment.

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