Growth Champions provides a distinct, informed perspective on how leading companies have been able to create, build and sustain growth to win the innovation battle. Drawing on a mixture of insights, research, interviews, anecdotes, and examples, it has been written to help business leaders to learn from the masters of innovation and understand the key lessons that really make a difference as they venture into the future.

Growth is a priority for most organizations but many fail to achieve their ambitions. What is it about successful growth that is such a challenge? Who are the companies that consistently deliver sustainable growth and what makes them so special? What can others learn from these organizations so that they too can improve their success rates and better realize their growth ambitions? ‘Growth Champions’ answers these questions by looking through multiple lenses, highlighting the best companies, identifying the key elements that drive success and presenting all of this in a high-impact, engaging and accessible manner.

The new Growth Champions book is published by Wiley and available from all good booksellers including Amazon

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